Spiders. Running. And Unnecessary Falls


Lately, I’ve been stuck.

Literally stuck on my couch.

Sunday evening we had some good friends randomly drop by (which is our favorite thing that we just don’t do often enough.) Anyway, there’s this adorable 3-year-old girl that shows up with her Dad, and this girl LOVES BUGS. Like, we’re talking picks them up, holds them, keeps them kinda “love for bugs.” Me, being the “repulsed of bugs” girl, was uber impressed. So of course, as this little cutie starts looking for bugs, we got on the topic of spiders. Big ones. NASTY ones. WOLF Mothers I tell you. They have been showing their nasty selves around my house just a little too much lately. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one seeing these supposedly purposeful G-R-O-S-S creatures right now?

So enter the already creeped out me.

My husband finds a Daddy Long Leg spider and points it out to our guests. Harmless. Totally something I’m not usually scared of. But I surprise myself daily. So this sweet bug lover grabs that spider and holds it delicately in her fingers and lifts it up so that I can see. Now, I’m not sure if I was having PTSD of my childhood, growing up with brothers.

But I booked it. Totally, unashamedly, B-LINED it to my front door. And one foot slipped on my (cute but pointless) welcome mat, while the other jammed into the cement stairs. Not even kidding.

This poor little bug lover slowly walks up to me with a look on her face that just says, “I don’t think Mom’s are supposed to fall like that, uhhh…maybe she wants to see my spider?” So I proceeded to run into the house, full of laughter, pain, and a realization that I just messed up my foot because I was running from a 3-year-old holding a puney Daddy Long Leg.

So, after being confined to the sitting position for the last 4 days, I realized something.

Sometimes I just have to be “stuck”, in order to recognize the blessings in life.

I’m serious friends. I’ve gone through enough over the last few years, that I’ve developed this habit of having to see the positive, or else I really get stuck in the negative. But seriously. This whole busted toe business is really challenging and quiet painful. How do you rest your foot while raising a toddler? And to top it off, the reason it’s busted is quite ridiculous if you ask me. I def wasn’t doing something adventurous or admirable.

So what on earth is good about this one?

Lots of things.

It’s made me slow down. It’s given me the opportunity to play with Lucy longer than short bursts here and there. It’s pushed me to let go of my super Mom desires and allow Jason to help put Lucy to bed, make dinner, or do other things I prefer done my own way. It’s challenged me to have a messier house than normal. And I’m resting…reflecting….and playing. All things I need to do more often. I’m a doer, a striver, and battler of perfection. And as much as my foot hurts right now, and ask for your prayers for healing, I am thankful for this chance to slow down. Thank you God for the gift of this absolute inconvenience, for I am seeing the blessings around me that I can so easily miss or take advantage of.

How have you been able to turn some of those unnecessary inconveniencies into blessings?

I know I’m not the only one.

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