Self Care. Latte’s. And Thriving


4 months ago I fell off the bandwagon of making time to really take care of myself. Now, I don’t mean I stopped showering, putting on make-up, or anything else you would consider “taking care of yourself”. What I mean is, I stopped doing things on a consistent basis that brought life or allowed me to breathe. Somewhere along the line, I stopped putting in the effort to make time for myself each day.

But sometimes life happens, right?

Sometimes someone you love gets some challenging news from the Dr. and you find yourself wrestling with God as to why this would happen and what it will look like from here on out.

Sometimes you trip and fall because you are running from the worlds skinniest deadliest spider. (You can read about that awkward moment here Spiders. Running. And Unnecessary falls)

Or sometimes, the beautiful holidays roll into town and your schedule fills up with family gatherings, gift giving, and other wonderful things. But LOTS of things.

And so you go through the motions.

You keep on schedule. You try not to think about the unknowns, or the heartaches.  You continue the ongoing role of a wife and Mother. You wake up, you go. Every. Single. Morning. Without taking the time to breathe, or just enjoy the simple things that only you could enjoy.

Now, I’m going to be honest friends. Throughout these 4 months, I had many days full of joy. If you had asked me if I was just coasting through life, I would’ve said, “No!” I still had some alone time here and there. And my hubby didn’t stop allowing me to sneak away to get some time alone or with friends. I went on vacation, I visited family, I spent time with Jesus. I read quite a few books. I hadn’t entirely fallen into a deep dark hole of self neglect.

But I wasn’t THRIVING. That’s what I’m getting at.

And yet, I believe God has created us to THRIVE. 

As January 1st rolled around, I began to look back on the last year and noticed there was this chunk of time where I was coasting, surviving, just rolling through the motions rather than thriving. And so I decided right then and there, this year is going to look different. I praise God for a New Year, a new season, and a new opportunity to thrive in this life God has given me.

So what does that actually look like? For me, it looks different every single day. Some days it’s time out alone grabbing a latte and walking the isles of Target. Other days it’s sneaking in a workout when I notice my toddler is entertaining herself. (Those are beautiful moments a Momma can’t pass up.) Daily it’s taking the time to journal, read the bible, and/or some other inspirational book.

Sometimes it means taking a walk with my daughter, to breathe in the sweetness of her excitement for every bird, any weed, or a pebble that would normal go unnoticed.

The list could go on and on. These are the simple things that give me life, fresh perspective, and the ability to thrive in the every day rather than survive. Whatever it is, I have to be intentionally looking for those MOMENTS through out my day, remembering that a healthy soul gives life to those around you.

And you know what? It’s working! Ever since I started intentionally looking for the sweeter things in life, the gifts, the things that bring me joy, my heart feels lighter. Anybody remember that wonderful best seller from a few years back called One Thousand Gifts? I’m not the first one this see the need to find moments God gives us to breathe each day. These moments are a gift. These moments help me to be the woman God has called me to be. These moments help me to thrive.

So my sweet friend, what is it you need to change about your day-to-day to take better care of you?  What is one thing you can do today that gives you life? Why don’t you challenge yourself in this new year, to take advantage of those moments through out each day to enjoy, to breathe, to thrive.

I promise you will reap the harvest…let’s journey through this together…

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