Sleep Training 101: Do What Works for You

This afternoon while sitting with Lucy in our cozy recliner in her room, I was struck with the reality that I've rocked her to sleep in this very spot for almost two years. And for a moment I felt this unhealthy dose of guilt spring over me. I was reminded of the fact that "they" say … Continue reading Sleep Training 101: Do What Works for You

Red Flags. Tantrums. And Groceries.

Do any of you have toddlers? I do. She's cute. But she's a toddler. And today she showed a side of her toddler-ness that could be a bit unpleaseant for anyone within 100 feet. Like, within the same grocery store kinda feet. Little Lucy Bug has been battling a cold this past week. But today … Continue reading Red Flags. Tantrums. And Groceries.